Great Middle School Bulletin Boards

Selecting a great bulletin board for my classroom is something I struggle with yearly. I teach eighth-grade inclusion and because of that, I am often working with students on all five of their subjects, not one in particular. This makes selecting a content area bulletin board difficult because how do I choose between them.

Because of this, I decided that it would be most beneficial for me to use bulletin boards that promote kindness, growth mindset, or something else that will encourage them to be better students and people.

One of my first bulletin boards that I really liked was this one:

I liked this bulletin board because it promoted students taking time to think of others’ feelings before doing something that may hurt them. I don’t know if students actually read it or took it into consideration but I love the message that it sends.

In my classroom, I only have one bulletin board, but I have a big empty back wall, on this wall, I decided that I wanted to have another positive bulletin board. I chose this one:

This bulletin board was special to me because it is eye catching and it promotes individuality. Working in a middle school I constantly see students who are struggling with fitting in and wanting to be liked. If I can help them to feel like being different is okay, then this bulletin board was worth it.

I left both of these up for two years before I was able to part with them because I just loved them so much.

Last year my entire district was promoting the growth mindset. Administration incouraged us to include elements of growth mindset into the decoration of our classroom. As a new teacher, I wanted to earn my brownie points. I found this bulletin board that I really liked.

And finally is my bulletin board that I created this year. It is the most eye-catching of all of them I think. And, it is constantly getting compliments when other teachers come into my room.

This bulletin board is so bright but also such a good message. I may stick with this one for a while.


I can’t take credit for the ideas behind any of these; they are all my rendition of bulletin boards that I found on Pinterest.


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