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Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

*This post contains affiliate links.  That means that if you purchase something I like I may receive compensation at no additional cost to you!

A few months ago I decided to start a blog.  But, I felt lost about how to make my blog successful!  I didn’t know what to post about, how to get attention to my blog or how to monetize my blog.  So like most of us, I went to Pinterest and started researching how to build and monetize my blog. I found that one of the keys is Pinterest Traffic.

After taking several free email courses, I stumbled upon Create and Go.  The authors of Create and Go, Alex and Lauren, have run two successful blogs and have created courses to help you do the same.

The first class I took from them was Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.  

I followed the steps in this class religiously, and it Changed my blog!

It did take a little time before my traffic started building, but once it did, my Pinterest Traffic was booming!


All of the sudden my traffic went from 20-30 views per day to over 1000 views per day!

The only way to really successfully monetize your blog is to get traffic!

What makes the course stand out

The Facebook Group

Each of Create and Go’s courses come with a private Facebook group.  This is amazing because whenever I have any questions or want advice, I can pose it to one of the groups and get quick answers.  Often my questions are answered by Lauren herself.

Regular Updates

Alex and Lauren did not create this course and just let it be.  Create and Go keep up with Pinterest updates that will affect your Pinterest traffic, and they will update the course in a very timely manner!  They are always adding new videos to update the course.

They teach you EVERYTHING you need to know

Their thoughtful lessons teach you everything that you need to know to build your Pinterest traffic.  They include how to verify your website, how to create rich pins, and how to create eye-catching pins that are going to grab attention.

What I thought could have been better

The course only teaches you how to work with a blog that is, at the time I had a blog and even though this course focused on Pinterest traffic, there were mentions of how to do things with your blog.

Although, this did give me the final push to move my blog to and the move was totally worth it!

If you are thinking of investing money to take a course on Pinterest Traffic, this course is totally worth it!


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