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Continuing Education – Learners Edge Review


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In the state of Massachusetts, you can move up the pay scale by getting additional graduate credits.  There are pay raises at different thresholds which are usually multiples of 15 or 30.  So often, the conversation around the lunch table is where is the best place to get these credits.  And the answer to that, in my opinion, is Learners Edge.

Most of us are not looking for additional degrees, I have my Masters and maybe someday could want another one, but for now, I am just looking to get some credits from an accredited institution to better my teaching and get a little more money.

Why I love it

Books are included in the price

When you sign up for a course, you usually pay a lot of money for the course, and then they expect you to spend up to $100 extra for a textbook!  Included in the cost of the class, they will mail to you directly any textbooks that you need.  All of the classes are the same price, depending on the number of credits, and within a week of signing up, the books are delivered to your door!

The price!

The courses I had been taking through my union were almost $700.  The local classes that a lot of my friend swear by are well over $700.  As a new teacher, none of my courses are being reimbursed by my district. Paying $700 is way too much money for me!  At Learners Edge, three-credit courses are $425 and if you buy two at a time they are marked down to $400 each.

The flexible schedule

With Learners Edge, there is one due date and that’s it.  You don’t have weekly assignments, or discussion board posts.  My life is hectic and often unpredictable.  There are weeks that I have a harder time setting aside time to do coursework.  With Learners Edge, you get all of the assignments up front and everything is due at the end of the semester.  You can choose from Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters, each course is offered for all of them.  If you get your work in early, it gets graded and returned with a quick turnaround.  If you are super busy or sign up late, you can get the whole course done the last week.  And, it still wouldn’t affect your grade.

So many options!

Learners Edge offers dozens of courses ranging from special education topics, math, ELA, reading, classroom management, my personal favorite so far is called Parent Trap, they really have classes for everyone.  They offer several non-degree certificate programs in the areas of, Instructional Strategies, Special Populations, Learning Technologies, Literacy, Online Teaching, and Early Childhood.

The Cons

There are only a few things that I don’t like about Learners Edge.  As much as I love the flexibility of their courses, it is sometimes beneficial to see your professors face to face.  Also to have the ability to interact with peers.  You don’t get this from Learners Edge.  Also, sometimes having the flexibility of the due dates makes a procrastinator like me have some difficulty.  Although, I have never missed a deadline.

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